Partner visas - the registered migration agent answers FAQ's on the visa process


Seek professional advice before commencing the Australian partner visa process

One of the questions we regularly receive from applicants is ‘do I need to engage with a migration agent as I have been in a relationship with my Australian partner for many years and have plenty of evidence’. The answer of course is that you don't have to use a migration agent to apply for a visa but, if you want professional help, and ensure the process runs smoothly, you should appoint someone registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Regardless of your circumstances, it makes sense before you commence preparing your documents  to seek advice from a registered migration agent who during a consultation will:  

1.    Discuss all aspects of the spouse visa, de-facto visa or prospective marriage visa process
2.    Review your relationship history and evidence to support your application
3.    Identify which documents are highly relevant to the success of your application
4.    Provide an overview of the processing timetable
5.    Discuss procedures for offshore and onshore lodgement of your visa application
6.    Outline the services you can expect to receive from a registered migration agent

How long does an Australia partner subclass 309/100 partner visa take to process?

Understandably, partner visa applicants want to know how long it will take to process their application. In particular their Australian partner may need to return home to take up employment or their visa status in the UK is about to expire. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) websites states that 75% of Australian partner visas are processed within 22 months and 90% within 29 months. So it may come as a surprise to tell you that decision ready applications we have submitted to the DHA in November 2021 have already been finalised.

What evidence is needed to prove our relationship history?

We receive many enquiries from applicants who ask, how much evidence needs to be submitted with their application. Of course, the amount of evidence you present will be determined by the duration of your relationship but in all cases and regardless of whether you are married or in a de-facto relationship, it is important to demonstrate that you and your partner share a residence with joint financial and domestic responsibilities. It is not necessary to saturate your application with everything you have assembled throughout your relationship history and finding the right balance between quality and quantity will help the DHA case officer to decide your application without the need to revert to you to request additional documents and information.

Can I lodge my partner visa in Australia?

Another popular question and the answer is yes you can submit an application if you are in Australia but, the processing timetable is much longer and remember that although you will be issued with a Bridging A visa on lodgement, this visa will not come into effect until your visitor visa expires and only then will you be able to commence work. The bridging A visa does not have a travel facility and therefore if you need to depart Australia after your Bridging A visa comes into effect you will need to apply and be granted a Bridging B visa. Given the pace that offshore applications are being decided, it would seem logical to apply for your Partner visa  outside Australia.     

The benefit of appointing a registered migration agent

An agent registered with MARA must meet professional standards and is accountable for the advice and information provided to its clients through a strict code of conduct.

In order to achieve and provide a high level of service Concept Australia:

•    Maintains up-to-date knowledge of Australian migration law and procedure
•    Keeps a professional library with direct access to migration regulations via Legend
•    Undertakes continual professional development to maintain knowledge of visa regulations
•    Strictly follows the code of conduct established by the MARA.   

Our Aim and commitment is to:

•    Provide our clients with quality lawful advice in a language that you can understand
•    Offer a personal service and represent your interests throughout the visa process
•    keep your documents confidential at all times
•    Explain the legal work as simply as possible to achieve a successful outcome
•    Complete your visa application and sponsorship forms accurately
•    Submit the right balance of evidence relevant to your relationship history
•    Deal with any queries such as emails or returning telephone calls promptly


Seeking advice from Concept Australia before you commence preparing your documents to support your Australia partner visa application will save you time and give you the confidence that you are assembling the correct documents for a successful outcome.

For further information please telephone 0208 315 6700 or send an email to    


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