South Australia

South Australia is in the southern central part of Australia. It covers some of the most arid parts of the continent. With a total land area of 983,482 square kilometres (379,725 sq mi), it is the fourth largest of Australia's states and territories. With over 1.7 million people, the state comprises less than 8% of the Australian population and ranks fifth in population among the six states and two territories. The majority of the state's population lives within Greater Adelaide's metropolitan area which had an estimated population of 1,262,940 in 2011 (77.1% of the state). Other significant population centres include Mount Gambier (28,313), Whyalla (22,489), Murray Bridge (17,152), Port Lincoln (15,682), Port Pirie (14,281), Port Augusta (14,196), and Victor Harbor (13,671).


Adelaide is the capital city of the state and has a population of 1.4 million. The the city stretches 12 miles from the coast to the foothills, and 56 miles from Gawler at its northern extent to Sellicks Beach in the south. As South Australia's seat of government and commercial centre, Adelaide is the site of many governmental and financial institutions. Most of these are concentrated in the city centre and in various districts of the metropolitan area. Adelaide is noted for is many festivals and sporting events, its food and wine, its long beach fronts, and its large defence and manufacturing sectors. In this year's global rankings, Adelaide was included in the top ten as one of the world's most liveable cities in 2018.


Skilled Nominated and Skilled Regional visas offer a pathway to Australia if you cannot achieve sufficient points required for a Skilled Independent visa. You must submit an application through SkillSelect which is the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) online skilled visa application system. Once you have received a positive skills assessment from an Australian assessing authority and by submitting an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) you can generate points for:

•    Your age
•    Recognised qualifications
•    Employment
•    English language skills
•    Being nominated by a state or territory government
•    Partner skills
•    Study in Australia
•    Specialist education qualifications
•    Accredited language skills
•    Professional year in Australia


South Australia Skilled Nominated and Regional Visas

South Australia nominates skilled migrants who are willing to live and work in the state and who have the skills and experience required by South Australian employers. South Australia publishes its own list of occupations which are divided into two separate lists comprising of the State Nominated Occupations List and the Supplementary Skilled List. Some occupations are subject to "Special Conditions" requiring a higher points score. Nomination approval will generally be determined by factors such as your overall commitment to residing in South Australia, the number of years work experience, specialised skills, employability, English language skills, relatives already residing in South Australia and settlement funds. You must also:

•    Be under 45 years of age at the time of invitation
•    Have an occupation on the State Nomination or Supplementary Skill List
•    Have received a positive skills assessment
•    Have specified post-qualification work experience in your nominated occupation
•    Have at least 65 points on the DHA points test
•    Have lodged an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect
•    Demonstrate you meet South Australia and DHA visa eligibility requirements
•    Have a commitment to living and working in South Australia for a minimum of 2 years

Skilled Nominated - subclass 190

The Skilled Nominated (190) visa is a permanent visa that allows you to live anywhere in the state of South Australia.

Skilled Regional Work visa - subclass 491

This new visa subclass will come into effect on 16 November 2019. To qualify for this visa, you and family members included in your application must live, work and study anywhere in South Australia for a minimum period of 3 years.15 points will be awarded for the nomination.

The DHA has allocated a total of 14,000 places for this subclass and has introduced a ranking system for an invitation to apply for a visa as follows:

1.    Applicant with a skilled partner or applicants without a partner;
2.    Applicant with a partner with Competent English (but does not have a skills assessment);
3.    Applicant with a partner who is ineligible for either competent English or skilled partner points

As places are likely to be extremely competitive, Concept Australia recommends that you start the process as soon as possible so that you are ready to lodge an Expression of Interest once the visa class opens in November.

Pathway to permanent residence

After 3 years of having lived, worked/studied in South Australia, you can apply for permanent residence (subclass 191 - Skilled Regional) but must have complied with all the conditions of your visa including evidence of taxable income (yet to be announced).    


Initial Consultations

It is easy through research to become overloaded with information, which is difficult to interpret leaving you with many questions unanswered. Before you start out on your visa journey it makes sense to discuss your plans in detail with a MARA Registered Migration Agent. MARA monitor the conduct of registered agents to ensure that only the highest level of advice and assistance is provided to prospective applicants. To achieve this, MARA agents must subscribe to the same regulations used by DHA case officers and undertake professional development on an annual basis.

Consultation fee

A fee of £95 + VAT is charged by Concept Australia and during the consultation we will discuss your visa options in detail and provide clear constructive advice on the visa process to enable you to make an informed judgement regarding your future migration plans. The appointment will also provide you with an opportunity to ask key questions that you may not have found answers to during your research. There is no obligation to engage Concept Australia as your MARA agent but, if you do decide to appoint us to represent you, the consultation fee will be deducted from the first stage of our fee.

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