Why Choose a MARA Agent

Professional Advice

Applying to migrate to Australia is a complex process and to be granted a visa you must satisfy the lawful requirements of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

The internet and migration forums offers access to a wealth of information on migrating to Australia and it is tempting to enter into unfamiliar territory and to try and manage your own visa application.

The DHA strongly advise that if you need assistance with the visa process that you appoint an agent who is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). A person who is not registered with MARA cannot offer you legal protection and you run the risk of being exposed to migration fraud by someone who has limited knowledge on immigration procedures and who is not accountable for his/her actions.

Grahame Igglesden is a registered migration agent (MARN 9901024) and also represents the Migration Institute of Australia in the UK and Europe (MIA 3166). All of the staff within Concept Australia have previously worked for the DHA. Appointing Concept Australia to manage your visa application will provide you with the peace of mind that you are being represented by a company who will apply a professional code of conduct and will be honest with you about having a realistic chance of obtaining a visa for Australia.

Concept Australia will provide advice and assistance within MARA guidelines and will be pleased to discuss with you:

  • The benefit of engaging a registered migration agent who is based permanently in the UK
  • The background and historical operation of our company
  • How our staff acquired their knowledge
  • The services that will be provided throughout the visa process
  • The total fees payable for all stages of the visa process
  • The success rate we have achieved on behalf of our clients

Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)

The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) oversees the code of conduct and good standing of registered migration agents.

In Australia only registered migration agents are legally able to provide migration advice. MARA also encourages migration agents who practice outside Australia to formally register in order to ensure that industry standards are maintained. Migration agents who practice in the UK and who are registered with MARA are subject to the same code of conduct, professional development and regulations applied to agents based in Australia.

Why should I engage a Registered Migration Agent?

An agent registered with MARA must meet professional standards and is accountable for the advice and information provided to its clients through a strict code of conduct.

In order to achieve and maintain a high level of service we:

  1. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of migration law and procedure
  2. Keep a professional library with direct access to migration regulations via Legend
  3. Undertake continual professional development to maintain knowledge of visa regulations
  4. Only encourage you to proceed if you have a pathway to be granted a visa for Australia
  5. Prepare your application in accordance with migration regulations
  6. Complete your application form
  7. Manage your application throughout each stage of the visa process
  8. Keep you informed of processing developments
  9. Advise you of any changes to migration regulations that could impact on your eligibility.

For further information on the DHA statement on "Protecting yourself from migration fraud" please click here or click here for a statement issued by MIA.

MARA Consumer Guide and Code of Conduct

The MARA issues two documents entitled MARA Consumer Guide and MARA Code of Conduct which will help you understand the benefits of choosing a registered migration agent. This document also outlines procedures for you to lodge a formal complaint against a registered migration agent if the code of conduct was not applied or if you have been misrepresented. It is a legal requirement for these documents to be readily available to our clients.

Click here for the MARA Consumer Guide.  Click here for the Code of Conduct

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What our clients are saying

Jane, I just wanted to thank you. My Dad was in a state of disbelief when I told him his visa had been granted. My brother had only just advised him that he probably would not be granted his visa in time and therefore we are all delighted with the outcome.