Each year thousands of people arrive in Australia to start a new life that they could only have dreamed of back home but the decision to move to Australia is still probably the biggest that you will ever have to make. It is essential that you examine all of your options carefully so that you can start your new life in Australia with realistic expectations in order to reap the long-term benefits of successful settlement.

Concept Australia has been assisting people since 1991 to obtain visas to reside in Australia. Migrating to Australia can be both stressful and frustrating but our staff have had a long association with Australia and understand the challenges of moving to a new country. All of our staff are based permanently in the UK and have previously been employed by the Department of Home Affairs.

Concept Australia works directly with its clients and does not sub-contract work out to other companies or individuals. Our services are comprehensive and incorporate the completion of visa application and skkills assessment forms as well as the management of your application throughout the visa process. We are confident that you will experience a personal and friendly service from staff who care about your future but for more information on our staff please click on the 'About Us' bar at the top of the home page and then 'The Team'.

Grahame Igglesden

Registered Migration Agent 9901024

Migration Institute of Australia 3166

What visa options are there?

Choose the best option for you:



Will my application be processed by Concept Australia?

Yes, we do not sub-contract processing to third parties. All work is undertaken directly by Concept Australia in the UK by case officers who have previously been employed by the Department of Home Affairs.


Can you guarantee my application will be successful?

The decision to grant a visa can only be made by the Department of Home Affairs. Before you engage Concept Australia, a thorough assessment will have been made to determine which option offers you the best chance of being granted a visa. We understand the importance of the decision you have made in deciding to migrate to Australia and we will not encourage you to proceed if a suitable visa pathway does not exist. Occasionally, however, skilled applicants may find that their nominated occupation has been removed from a state or territory skills list once planning levels are reached. In this situation, applicants will need to consider an alternative state or territory option before lodging an expression of Interest.

Concept Australia regularly reviews changes and will notify you immediately of developments and discuss with you alternative visa options for Australia.

How does Concept Australia keep up-to-date with migration policy?

In order to repeat annual registration with the Migration Agents Registration Authority, the Registered Migration Agent (RMA) undertakes professional development courses which includes exams or tutorials designed and regulated by designated industry professionals. It is also a mandatory requirement for the RMA to subscribe to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) document “Legend” which is the same manual used by DHA case officers and contains all prescribed regulation and policy procedures for deciding visa applications.

The RMA is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia and on a daily basis receives news releases of proposed changes to Australia visa policy and legislation.


How do I know if fees charged by Concept Australia are reasonable and not excessive?

Fees vary considerably between migration agents and therefore it is important you establish what level of service you will receive for the fee you have been quoted.

All fees payable are confirmed in writing once we have determined you have the potential to be granted a visa which will enable you to prepare a budget for the overall cost of applying for a visa. We provide a breakdown of the total costs and when payments are due to include fees payable to Concept Australia as well as assessing authorities, the Department of Home Affairs, panel doctors, police authorities and English language testing centres. Concept Australia does not charge fees for emails or telephone calls and we complete all application forms on behalf of our clients and lodge and manage each stage of the Australian visa process.

What services can I expect to receive from Concept Australia?

Concept Australia offers a comprehensive range of services to applicants who we have assessed as having the potential to be granted a visa by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to reside in Australia.  Our services range from managing your application throughout the visa process to checking your documents if you have prepared your own visa application. These include:

  • Completing visa application and skills assessment forms
  • Lodging Expressions of Interest (EOI)
  • Lodging applications for nomination by state or territory governments
  • Lodging applications with the DHA and assessing authorities
  • Up-loading documents to the DHA ImmiAccount
  • Advice on health and character issues
  • Advice on evidence needed for de-facto relationships
  • Advice on legal procedures for a dependent child from a previous relationship travelling to Australia
  • Advice on legal procedures for a dependent child remaining overseas with a non-migrating parent
  • Management of your application throughout the visa process
  • Checking your application if you have prepared your own application before being submitted to the DHA
  • Offering advice if you are in the process of preparing your own application




What our clients are saying

We would both like to thank you very much for guiding us through this process which at times we found to be quite daunting and bewildering. I think we we’re both caught off guard when the approval came through, it was a surprise to say the least and also a huge relief as we can now both put our anxieties aside and start planning for our future together in Australia. We are both more than happy to if add to your collection of testimonies if you wish and again thank you very much