Skilled Independent applicants are facing greater challenges


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has slashed the annual migration rate by more than 10%, with new visa crackdowns dropping the total number from 183,608 to 162,417 over the last financial year. New "Integrity Measures" imposed by the Minister has created the lowest migration level for over a decade with a drop of 12,648 in the skilled migrant stream to 111,099 during the last programme year.

These new "Integrity Measures" has also seen a 46% increase in visas being refused and a further 17% rise in applications being withdrawn.

This has resulted in General Skilled Migration applicants facing greater challenges, particularly in the Skilled Independent  visa subclass 189. During the last 7 months, SkillSelect has consistently set a high invitation mark and at the same time reduced the number of invitations being issued. Only the highest ranked applicants by points score are being invited to apply for a subclass 189 visa for Australia. The good news, however, is that in the last invitation round held on 11 July 2018, all applicants on 75 points and above received invitations and additionally, applicants whose visa date of effect was on or before 06 March 2018 and who had a points score of 70 also received invitations. A total of 1000 applicants were invited to submit a Skilled Independent visa application .- an increase of 40% on previous months. If this trend continues, an applicant who lodged an Expression of Interest for a Skilled Independent visa (non pro-rata occupation) can expect to wait approximately 4 months for an invitation if they have reached 70 points.   

Nomination by a state or territory government

Many applicants who have lodged an Expression of Interest (EOI) based on a points score of 65 face an uncertain future and are exploring alternative visa options such as Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) or Skilled Regional (subclass 489). These visa classes are not subject to invitation rounds and generally applicants can expect to receive an invitation if they have achieved 65 points including points for the nomination. This is, however, placing greater demands on available places with each state and territory imposing more stringent selection criteria.

Expert advice

If you are just starting out on your visa journey, you need to be confident that you have a realistic chance of being granted a visa for Australia. Many applicants start the process and have obtained a skills assessment only to find the barriers along the way prevent them from continuing. You need look at the bigger picture and understand the risks and obstacles you may have to face.

Concept Australia will offer you a preliminary assessment and if a potential pathway is available, can then arrange a personal, SKYPE or telephone consultation to explain all stages of the visa process in detail. Seeking advice at an early stage will enable you to make an informed decision about your future and whether you have a realistic chance of being invited by the Department of Home Affairs to apply for a skilled visa for Australia.

If you would like to explore your potential eligibility, please contact your nearest Concept Australia office to discuss your visa options for Australia:

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Telephone: 020 8468 1076 or email or

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