Australia to end Covid-19 travel ban from November 2021


Australia is planning to re-open its international borders from November 2021 in anticipation that their vaccination rate reaches 80% of its population. Travel would not immediately be open to foreigners, but the government said it was working "towards welcoming tourists back to our shores"

Under these new arrangements, mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine would be phased out and replaced by 7 days home quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers and 14 days for unvaccinated travellers.

New South Wales is on track to be the first state to cross the 80% threshold in a few weeks and Victoria is not far behind. These states may also allow their fully vaccinated residents to travel abroad and come back to home quarantine but Western Australia for example who has managed to keep infection rates at or near zero may continue to keep its borders closed until vaccine rates are even higher to avoid any increased risk. So you may have a scenario where for example it could be easier for people to travel to London from Sydney and Melbourne than to Perth.

Demand for flights is expected to be high and airlines have already warned of delays as they struggle to cope with the demand. Currently, many flights to Australia are being cancelled at short notice and this is likely to continue whilst border restrictions remain in place.


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