Mark Stanley, Manager Commonwealth Bank Australia

"It is with pleasure that I am able to provide Mr Igglesden with this reference given the strong business association that existed between ourselves from 1990 to 1994.

During this period I dealt with a multitude of immigration officers and came to know and respect Mr Igglesden for his professionalism, business acumen and ability to generate an outstanding service experience for applicants migrating to Australia.

On the personal side, I always found Mr Igglesden to be a trustworthy, sincere and one who possessed strong values and ethics. Mr Igglesden demonstrated a genuine concern for people and it was obvious that his approach to matters was based on high personal standards. Mr Igglesden is extremely reliable.

In terms of Mr Igglesden’s knowledge of the Australian immigration process and legislation, I would suggest it is second to none. Mr Igglesden was generally acknowledged as one of the key Australian immigration authorities in the UK given his depth of experience and understanding of legislation. I have no doubt that Mr Igglesden is a migration expert and is in a position to provide sound advice to prospective migrants."

Mark Stanley, European Representative, Commonwealth Bank, London – dated 18/09/1997


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We would both like to thank you very much for guiding us through this process which at times we found to be quite daunting and bewildering. I think we we’re both caught off guard when the approval came through, it was a surprise to say the least and also a huge relief as we can now both put our anxieties aside and start planning for our future together in Australia. We are both more than happy to if add to your collection of testimonies if you wish and again thank you very much