Seek professional advice before you apply for an Australian visa skills assessment

Before you start out on your Australian visa journey you need to be confident that you have a realistic chance of being granted a visa for Australia.

You may be tempted to deal directly with a skills assessing authority or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). These organisations have limited knowledge of the Australian visa process and in Australia they are not legally allowed to provide migration advice. Their responsibility is to determine whether your qualifications and skills are comparable to someone working in your nominated occupation in Australia. They have no interest in whether you are eligible to actually be granted a visa for Australia.

Seeking professional guidance before applying for a skills assessment will ensure that there are no hidden barriers you may have to face which on your visa journey and will save you wasted time and money before you commence the visa process with the Department of Home Affairs.

Important questions you should be asking:

•    Is my nominated occupation on the MLTSSL or STSOL?
•    Which visa class offers the best visa pathway?
•    What level of English do I need to prove?
•    Will I need to be nominated by a state or territory government?
•    Is my occupation available for nomination in the area I want to live?
•    Can I satisfy nomination criteria (each state/territory is different)?
•    How many years employment may be deducted by the assessing authority?
•    How much skilled employment can I claim?
•    Can I verify my employment history with secondary evidence?  

If you would like to discuss your visa options for Australia we can offer you a no-obligation consultation to address any issues relevant to your circumstances.

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SkillSelect - questions you should be asking

Grahame Igglesden, Director, Concept Australia Limited and Registered Migration Agent 9901024 outlines some of the key questions you should be asking if you are planning to apply for a General Skilled Migration visa for Australia.  


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