Queensland is the second largest and third most-populous state in Australia covering an area of 1,852,642 square kilometres. Queensland has a population of 4,560,059, concentrated along the coast and particularly in the state's South East region. Referred to as the "Sunshine State", Queensland is home to 10 of Australia's 30 largest cities and is the nation's third largest economy.

Queensland is less centralised than most other Australian states, with 50% of the population living outside the state capital, and 25% living outside the South East region. Queensland is home to many regional cities, the most populous being the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Cairns.

Queensland is a popular choice for skilled migrants and with its year-round beautiful weather and great career opportunities, it is an ideal place to work and live, offering a high standard of living and good working conditions.


Brisbane is the capital and most populous city in Queensland. Its metropolitan area has a population of 2.3 million, and the South East Queensland urban conurbation encompasses a population of more than 3 million. The Brisbane central business district lies in a curve of the Brisbane river and covers an area of 2.2 square kilometres. The city has a density of 379 people per square kilometre, which is high for an Australian city and comparable to that of Sydney. However, like many western cities, Brisbane sprawls into the greater metropolitan area.

Queensland Skilled Nominated and Regional Visa Programmes

With invitation rounds for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) currently at a level which many applicants are struggling to achieve, applying for a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) or a Skilled Regional visa (subclass 489) has become increasingly popular for applicants migrating to Australia. Applicants selecting these visa options are not subject to invitation rounds and can be considered for nomination with a points total of 65 (including nomination points) and will receive priority processing with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Applicants will also need to be nominated if their occupation only features on the Short Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL).

Queensland is looking for people to fill a range of skill shortages through its participation in the State Migration Plan but has temporarily closed its nomination programme until 01 July 2019.

Nomination by the state of Queensland will provide:
•    Priority processing of your visa with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
•    An additional 5 points for a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
•    An additional 10 points for a Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489)
•    An opportunity to seek work with an employer of your choice

Skilled Nominated - subclass 190

The Skilled Nominated (190) visa is a permanent visa that allows you to live anywhere in the state of Queensland.

Skilled Regional - subclass 489

Queensland also nominates applicants under the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 489) which is a provisional visa that allows you to live and work in regional Queensland. This visa provides a pathway to permanent residence (subclass 887) providing you have lived in regional Queensland for 2 years and worked for 1 year in specified regional postcodes in Queensland which are anywhere in the state except the Greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast.

Queensland Skilled Occupations List (QSOL)

The Queensland Skilled Occupations List reflects the current employment situation in the state and is reviewed and updated regularly in accordance with current labour market conditions. To be eligible for state nomination you must have an occupation on the "Offshore" QSOL and meet the occupation specific requirements stated on the list. Please note that certain occupations have specialisations or licensing/registration requirements to work in Queensland and that ICT applicants must have received a formal offer of employment in their nominated occupation for a period of 12 months.


Queensland key selection criteria

Applicants are selected from the Department of Home Affairs SkillSelect database. Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) invites applicants in eligible occupations to apply for nomination. There is no set time frame to receive an invitation after submitting an Expression of Interest and invitations are not guaranteed as the selection process is highly competitive and driven by employment and other economic factors. When the programme is filled, applications for nomination will no longer be accepted in the programme year which usually runs from 01 July until 30 June.

To be selected by BSMQ and to receive an invitation to apply for Queensland nomination you must:

  • Be under 45 years of age at the time of invitation
  • Have a minimum of 2 years relevant work experience (unless otherwise specified)
  • Have Competent English (unless otherwise specified)
  • Have an occupation on the QSOL "Offshore" skills list
  • Have received a positive skills assessment from an Australian assessing authority
  • Have at least 65 points on the DHA points test
  • Demonstrate you meet both BSMQ and DHA visa eligibility requirements
  • Have a commitment to living and working in Queensland for a minimum of 2 years


What to do next

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