Temporary 5 year Parent Visa (subclass 870) from 01 July 2019


The new temporary sponsored parent visa (subclass 870) will open for applications from 01 July 2019 and is intended to address the concerns about the limited number of places available to parents under existing visa classes and the current lengthy waiting period. A total of 15,000 visas will be made available in each programme year which is twice the number currently allocated to Contributory Parents.

The cost for applying for the visa will be AUD5,000 for a 3 year visa and AUD10,000 for a 5 year visa with the sponsor having to pay AUD420 to lodge their sponsorship. Parents can stay for a period of up to 5 years but must depart Australia for 90 days to be eligible to apply for a further stay of 5 years.

Under the new arrangements, parents will:

•    Need to lodge their application within 6 months of the sponsorship being approved
•    Be able to stay for up to 5 years in Australia without departing
•    Be able to apply for a further stay of 5 years (maximum stay period of 5 years)
•    Not be subject to meeting the Balance of Family Test
•    Not be able to work
•    Need to arrange and maintain private medical insurance for their entire stay in Australia
•    Satisfy health and character requirements

Sponsors will be able to lodge an application from 17 April 2019 and will have a very important role play in supporting their parents to ensure they do not become a burden on the Australian community. Only 2 parents per household can be sponsored for this visa at a time. Sponsors must:

•    Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen
•    Have usually been resident in Australia for at least 4 years
•    Have their sponsorship approved before their parents’ visa application is lodged
•    Meet a minimum household income threshold of AUD83,454.80 in most recent tax year
•    Have no outstanding debts to the Commonwealth of Australia
•    Accept liability for any outstanding public health debt their parent accrues in Australia
•    Provide police clearances as evidence of good character
•    Provide financial support and accommodation for their parents if needed

Observations by the Registered Migration Agent

Contributory parents (sub-classes 143/173) who have lodged or who are about to lodge their offshore visa application do so in the knowledge that the Parent Visa Centre in Perth are currently processing applications lodged in July 2015. Parents may therefore consider the new option as an opportunity to be re-united with their children and grandchildren much sooner than they anticipated but should still consider lodging an application for permanent residence to protect their long-term future in Australia.

As the Balance of Family test does not need to be satisfied, parents who for example have 2 out of their 3 children in Australia but with one still waiting for permanent residence could also explore this visa option until they become eligible to apply for a Contributory Parent visa.

Parents who do not have a pathway to remain permanently in Australia need to carefully consider their position in the long-term and in particular when their stay period comes to an end and they are required to leave Australia.

In conclusion this visa is unlikely to be of interest to working age parents or for parents who do not have a pathway to apply for permanent residence in the future. It should therefore be viewed as an expensive long-term visitor visa.


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Increase in Visa Application Charges

The Department of Home Affairs has announced that Visa Application Charges (VAC) will increase by 5.4% on 01 July 2019.  


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